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Physics on the Frontier: LHC, Cosmology and Beyond

September 21-25, 2009, Novi Sad, Serbia

Konferencija u organizaciji Departmana za fiziku Prirodno-matematičkog fakulteta u Novom Sadu, Instituta za fiziku i Fizičkog fakulteta Univerziteta u Beogradu: link.

Fundamentalne interakcije - Srbija

26-28. septembar 2007., Iriški venac, Novi Sad, Srbija

Prezentovani radovi:

  1. K.Subotić: Towards SPIRAL2 and EURISOL (PDF, 881 kB)
  2. I.Bikit: Rare nuclear events and ILIAS Next (PDF, 1455 kB)
  3. B.Cekić: A three-detector high resolution TDPAC spectrometer
  4. M.Blagojević: Alternative theories of gravitation (PDF, 70 kB)
  5. D.Popović: ATLAS experiment (PDF, 7618 kB)
  6. P.Adžić: The CMS experiment and participation of the CMS Belgrade Group (PDF, 16482 kB)
  7. A.Belić: Pan-European Grid eInfrastructure for LHC experiments at CERN-SCL's activities in EGEE (PDF, 370 kB)
  8. J.Milošević: How to measure elliptic flow in pp@LHC? (PDF, 327 kB)
  9. Ž. Đurčić: MiniBooNE experiment (PDF, 1400 kB)
  10. M.Pandurović: Physics Background as a Systematic Effect in Luminosity Measurement at International Linear Collider (PDF, 2315 kB)
  11. M.Mudrinić: Virtualization of Tier 2 site and LCG Grid Data Distributed Management (PDF, 952 kB)
  12. D.Maletić: Background reduction for the two photon decay of Higgs boson based on the reconstruction of the unconverted photons in the central part ECAL of the CMS detector (PDF, 2258 kB)
  13. D.Maletić: Algorithm for the XML geometry of the ECAL Preshower detector of the CMS detector (PDF, 1156 kB)
  14. M.Đorđević: Particle identification in the combined test beam ECAL/HCAL of the CMS detector using Cherenkov counters in the experimental line H2 at CERN (PDF, 1629 kB)
  15. D.Maletić: Creation and distribution of Monarc files during the Load Test 07 in the CMS experiment (PDF, 1289 kB)
  16. P.Milenović: Detector control system of the Electromagnetic Calorimeter of the CMS detector (PDF, 4418 kB)
  17. J.Puzović: ESS - Safety system for temperature control for the Electromagnetic Calorimeter - ECAL of the CMS detector (PDF, 3773 kB)
  18. Lj.Simić: Gauge boson pair production at the LHC (PDF, 574 kB)
  19. M.Milosavljević: Inclusive SUSY searches at ATLAS (PDF, 55 kB)
  20. M.Milosavljević: Right squark search at ATLAS (PDF, 45 kB)
  21. M.Milosavljević: Search for the MSSM H/A bosons decaying to two muons at ATLAS (PDF, 408 kB)
  22. N.Vranješ: Prospect for WW Study with Early ATLAS Data (PDF, 2831 kB)
  23. M. Vojinovic: Equations of motion for a particle attached to the string
  24. B. Nikolić: Contribution of dilaton field to Dp-brane properties (PDF, 103 kB)
  25. B.Cvetkovic: Supersymmetries of the 3D black hole with torsion (PDF, 255 kB)
  26. V.Borka Jovanović: Masses of cqqq Tetraquarks Using Fermi-Breit Hyperfine Interaction (PDF, 517 kB)
  27. I.Salom: Minkowskian metrics as a consequence of generalized supersymmetry (PDF, 679 kB)
  28. B.Sazdović: Space-time string action in terms of torsion and nonmetricity (PDF, 76 kB)
  29. B.Sazdović: Open string and noncommutative electrodynamics (PDF, 67 kB)
  30. Lj.Nešić: Quantum Cosmology on Ultrametric and Noncommutative Spaces (PDF, 139 kB)
  31. S.Ignjatović: A modification of the Analytic Continuation by Duality Method (PDF, 1455 kB)
  32. Đ.Šijački: SU(5/1) supergroup and its representation 16 of one generation of fundamental fermions (PDF, 70 kB)
  33. D.Jordanov: INES (Intermediate Energy Spallation) code for Simulation of Intermediate Energy Spallation (PDF, 543 kB)
  34. P.Ujić: ANAMARI Code for Gas-Filled Separators as Tool for Super Separator Spectrometer Design Study (PDF, 772 kB)
  35. I.Čeliković: Production of super heavy elements by inverse fission (PDF, 705 kB)
  36. Ionut Arsene: K/pi rapidity and baryon potential dependent ratios in Au+Au collisions at 62.4 GeV (PDF, 1052 kB)
  37. Larissa Bravina: Study of particle Correlations at RHIC energies within microscopic string models (PDF, 372 kB)
  38. T.Prodanović: Astrophysical requirement for the new 6Li production channel (PDF, 1830 kB)
  39. N.Todorović: First tests of the big volume ultra low background gamma spectrometer (PDF, 283 kB)
  40. D.Mrđa: Intensity variation of the Cosmic Muon Induced Annihilation Line (PDF, 344 kB)
  41. M.Vesković: On the absence of appreciable half-life changes in alpha emitters cooled in metals to 1 Kelvin and below (PDF, 251 kB)
  42. B.Grabež: Biomodality and Scaling – Signs of Phase Transition in Nuclear Multifragmentation? (PDF, 251 kB)
  43. D.Novković: Coincidence summing effects in gamma-ray spectrometry (PDF, 345 kB)
  44. A.Dragić: Measurements of CR Muon Absolute Flux in Belgrade Low-Level Laboratory (PDF, 421 kB)
  45. D.Joković: Computer Simulation of the Plastic Scintillator and HPGe Detectors in Coincidence (PDF, 269 kB)